What extraction method(s) do you use?
  ~We use cold ethanol extraction of biomass to crude.  Subsequent distillation is done using wiped film distillation (typically two passes minimum). 

How do you make your distillate "T-Free"?
  ~We use several distillation techniques to remove THC and then formulate the final distillate with THC free mother liquor to boost minors and in some cases add isolate to provide a high CBD concentration.  With manufacturers charging per liter only (not per mg of CBD in final distillate), we like to provide more "bang for your buck" by providing 85%+ CBD in your oil.

Do you remove ALL THC from your products?
  ~Laboratories have limits on how much of a compound they can detect due to limitations on analytical instrumentation, testing methods, etc.  Claims of 100% THC removal in "Broad Spectrum" products are questionable due to the challenges associated with keeping other cannabinoids intact and removing only THC.  Therefore most (if not all) broad spectrum products may have very small amounts of THC that are not detectable with current testing methods (i.e. nanogram concentrations).  We use in-house testing methods to ensure we are well below 3rd party laboratories detectable limits.  This is why we call our broad spectrum oils ND THC for Non Detectable THC.

What minor cannabinoids do you typically have?
  ~We shoot to have CBN, CBG, CBL and CBDV at a minimum.  Due to the challenges of distillation and incoming raw product (biomass), these vary a bit.  We have developed our processes to attempt a consistent minor profile to ensure you have a consistent final product that your customers can rely on.

Do you provide bulk discounts?
  ~YES! Contact us at [email protected] to get a quote.  Anything over 10 liters we can provide significant discounts.

What testing is done on your products?
  ~We pride ourselves on quality products and safety is the highest priority.  After all, CBD is used medicinally.  Because of this, we test every batch/lot for the standards (potency, pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals).  We also test every batch for mycotoxins and microbiological contaminants.  We also can provide extra testing upon request for over 379 pesticides.

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